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1. Can the public officials receive free airfares tickets that are associated with official duties?

Can not because lead to a criminal offense for which a bribe, in return for a job that has been given. ( Rujuk Para 12 PP 3/1998 )


2. Can the Government Linked Company (GLC) donated hampers to the Government Department in conjunction with the festival’s for the relationship with its customers?

The GLC may have its own policy on providing or accepting gifts. However, if granting of this as a criminal intent to get tender and so, it has become a corruption offense.


3. What if the GLC gift hampers to the private sector as its customer relationship building?

It depends on that private companies policy. However if  have corrupt criminal intent, it become offense Prevention of Corruption Act 1997.


4. Can the GLC  accept gifts from individuals or private companies?

Its depend GLC policy. However, if it has intention corruption, it become offense Prevention of Corruption Act 1997.


5. Can the GLC contribute to government departments as promotion to your products or services?

It depends on GLC policy. However if  have corrupt criminal intent, it become offense Prevention of Corruption Act 1997.


6. A government official has received cash worth RM500.00 in the Festive Season from individuals who are often dealing with official departments and in a difficult situation to not take it. He then reported to the Head of Department. What should be done by Head of Department.

The reaction of  government official applicable are in provisions of PP 3/1998. In terms of action the Head of Department, he must think in terms of the importance of the whole department. Since the value is not equivalent related to official duties, the Head of Department may order the officer to return back to the giver.


Source : Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia