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1. Who can rent PKINK’s cyber lab?

PKINK Siber lab is open for rental for any government agency, private companies and also individual who are keen to conduct any training  with or without using the computer.


2. What are the facilities that are provided for PKINK cyber lab rental?

For training that does not use the computer, cyber lab can accommodate a total of 24 participants comfortably but if participants shared their table, the number of participants can reach up to 30 people.

For computer courses, PKINK’s cyber lab is equipped with 20 unit desktop computer with Windows 7 Pro operating system, 30MB internet facility, wifi, LCD,  PA system,air conditioner system and banquet room/area.


3. How is the procedure to rent the lab?

To rent the lab, you can contact or visit the premise at the following address ;

Bahagian Pengurusan Maklumat,
Perbadanan Kemajuan Iktisad Negeri Kelantan,
Tingkat 7, Bangunan PKINK,
Jalan Tengku Maharani,
Tel: 09-7414141


You can contact our officer at  09-7414135 (En Khairie) or 09-7414133(Pn Hawa) for booking etc. 

We can also be reached through email at and cc to to enquire availability and request a quotation.

4. How much is the rental cost ?

Rental cost is very minimum and will be charged according to the number of the participants and facility that will be used during the course. However, there is no charge for the LCD usage.


5. Can the participants used their own notebook?
We have no problem if the participants want to use their own notebook.


6. Are food provided during the course or is it included under cyber lab rental?

The food preparation during the course are separately charged and can be booked directly with PKINK cafe or any catering service of your choice.  We can also assist to book with PKINK cafe for the food catering without any additional charges. Nevertheless it is advised that payments are made either by cash/cheque directly to PKINK’s cafe.  PKINK’s cafe can be contacted at 09-7414080.